Word not communicating with Zotero

I recently found that I had been working off of a copy of my Word doc (Mac) that I didn't want, and so I copied that to the folder I normally use, but when I opened it all of my almost 100 citations looked as MS code. I've done everything to fix this: reinstall Word, reinstall Zotero plugin with Word, reinstall Zotero, restart the computer. It seems that even a new Word doc now cannot communicate wth Zotero. And the error now is 'Zotero experienced an error updating your document'. If I try to insert a single quote: I can go to the database and locate and insert, but the error comes up and the citation looks like { ADDIN ZOTERO_TEMP }. But if I create a new .odt with Libreoffice, then Zotero works fine. And I can open the .docx with Libreoffice, I just cannot modify the citations. On another machine, networked, that word doc is fine. The citations show as they should, but note, I haven't opened Zotero on that machine. Obviously I fear that if I do that word doc will become corrupted. If I could work with LibreOffice and send off an ODT then all would be well, but I am the only one who uses that format here.
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