Problems citing in Word 2007


I recently upgraded my zotero to zotero 2.0.b5. Today, I was trying to include some new references to an article that i am writing on Word 2007, but since I upgraded the zotero, the add-in in Word asked me for the latest version on this add-in, which I downloaded in the Zotero webpage (Zotero-Word-plugin-1.0b4). Unfortunately, I can't add any new references, change the styles of my references etc. I just get the following message:
An error occur communication to Zotero. Please make sure that firefox is open and try again.

I did this a few times but so far no luck!

Is there anyone out there who could help me please?

  • are you not connected to the internet? If Firefox is in offline mode the plugin doesn't work.
    Note that you don't have to actually conncet to the internet, you just have to uncheck the "Work Offline" option in the FF File menue.
    I don't follow on the first part of your problem - not even sure that is a problem, or are you just providing context?
  • No need to create new threads. I've removed your other one.

    Re: error 996322960, the relevant error is "'CSL: style references undefined macro title". What bibliography style are you using in the document? Is this a default style or one you created yourself?
  • Thank you for your assistance

    I was using a default Chicago Manual of Style, but then I changed to default Ecology. There seems to be 2 different styles on my document, even though I never managed to insert any reference after changing to Ecology.
  • It's a bug in the Ecology style. Citing books or book chapters causes Zotero to throw an error, since the style references undefined macros. If you create a new document, set it to a different style, and then copy and paste the text from your current document into the new document, you should be able to add and edit citations again.
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    Whoops. Fixed the Ecology style. I guess it isn't possible to prevent calling non-existing macro's via modification of the CSL schema, so that styles are marked invalid when they do so?

    Edit: --> if I read this correctly, it would be difficult to do so without a separate DTD.
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    Rintze, it's also my impression that validating macro names would be difficult or imposible in RNG alone, but we plan on implementing this kind of validation in the Zotero repository by other means the near future.
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