Pressing '0' to remove all colored tags needs to have a confirmation dialog

Regarding the feature, introduced in 5.0.77, to remove all colored tags by pressing '0':

This must proceed AFTER a confirmation dialog, because an inadvertent click on '0' when all items are selected is damage that is almost impossible to undo.
  • I agree with @gurdas that a confirmation prompt would be desirable when pressing "0", just as for "Move Item to Trash". There is currently no "undo" function, so accidentally hitting "0" can indeed cause a lot of damage. This is not unlikely given that many users might be using "9" for a colored tag. If you think an option without a promt is necessary, you might consider "Shift+0" for this.
  • Could someone from the dev team please chime in
  • This is quite important to me as well. What do you think @dstillman ? This would be relatively easy to do, correct?
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