Keyboard accessibility of advanced search

Zotero's advanced search function is powerful and one of my favorite tools. I have a few questions and suggestions regarding its keyboard accessibility.

1. I couldn't find a keyboard shortcut for invoking an advanced search. Is there a way to get one? I think the function deserves at least access through the Alt-key menu, e.g., Alt+E+S. Zutilo also doesn't have a shortcut for this.

2. Shift+Enter currently creates a new search line. It would be great if the new line could start with the same search field as in the previous line. This is already the case when clicking the plus button. Alternatively, or in addition, it would help to have a way to see that the focus is on the plus or minus button when using the Tab-key. The behavior is different for the first and subsequent lines (no minus for the first line), which can be confusing without a highlighting of the focus.

3. For an improved keyboard accessibility, it could be helpful to add Alt-key combinations to focus drop-down menus, execute buttons, and toggle checkboxes. This would accelerate setting up searches and thereby improve the usability. E.g., "Alt+L" to "Search in _l_ibrary", "Alt+M" for "_M_atch" all/any, "Alt+C" to "_C_lear", "Alt+S" to "_S_ave Search", "Enter" is already used for "Search".
  • I have a similar requirement in a development workflow and I am attempting to write external automation scripts to "drive" the Advanced Search window by emulating user actions such as key strokes. It is an experiment in driving Zotero from an external applet without having to dive into the inner workings of Zotero.
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