Zotero Safari Extension not working with Safari 12

  • Ugh. I just updated to 13 and now my Zotero extension doesn't work nor does the bookmark thing (is that the connector?). I hate when upgrades take us backwards...

    Currently every time I try the connector it redirects me to log in, which redirects me to the zotero main page, without actually logging me in.
  • We're working on a Safari App Extension, and we hope to have it available soon.

    Unfortunately, it requires a huge amount of dedicated development time that isn't required for browsers used by many more users, all to produce an extension that will be significantly less featureful than the versions for Firefox and Chrome. We're doing it because we care about the Mac — as far as I know Zotero is the only tool of its kind that has ever had an actual Safari extension rather than a much more limited bookmarklet — but it's a pretty unreasonable imposition on Apple's part, and points to a far more proprietary and restrictive view of what you should be able to do in a web browser on your own computer.
    Currently every time I try the connector it redirects me to log in, which redirects me to the zotero main page, without actually logging me in.
    @emmertaronson: You mean the "bookmarklet" here (not the "connector"), and yes, unfortunately it seems that Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention is being not so intelligent and preventing the bookmarklet from working properly — which means that the browser that now makes it so difficult to create extensions is also the browser where cross-domain bookmarklets may not work properly.

    For now, we suggest using Zotero Connector for Chrome or Firefox. If that's not an option, you can use Add Item by Identifier in Zotero itself or use the save page to save to your online library.

    I've updated the support page with these details. Follow this thread or follow Zotero on Twitter for updates.
  • That's great to hear, thank you for investing the effort for us Mac users - we appreciate it!
  • @dstillman @mschwarze Echoing the appreciation of your generous support for Safari users!
  • A little more appreciation from my side as well to the development team...
  • One further note of appreciation to all the work on this for the Safari folks...for the tools here and for Zotero more broadly!
  • @dstillman @mschwarze Likewise, the support for Zotero has been great. Thank you for your hard work! With that said, now that macOS Catalina is out do we have any updates? Is there anything that we can do (e.g. beta testing) to help?
  • Another big thanks for all the hard work and development from your small but loyal Mac user base! Thanks for all the Safari functionality you have provided in the past!
  • Just a thought:
    Given the current efforts to create a compatible Safari extension, how difficult would it be to create a similar connector for Safari on iOS?

    While I am no developer, it is my impression that Apple has eased this somehow with recent OS updates.

    Just a thought..
  • I just want to report that on 10/11/2019, I was able to successfully add items to my library using the Safari extension. It isn’t working now, but I it did work twice for me. Not sure what that’s about. I was really excited, because it’s such a drag having to add everything manually. Now, it’s back to adding by hand.
  • @erw1 You can add items using Zotero.org/save or, better, using Firefox with the Zotero connector
  • A rewritten version of the Zotero Connector for Safari that works with Safari 13 is now available for testing in the latest Zotero beta.
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