Creating a second personal library

This discussion was created from comments split from: Online Library not Syncing with local library.
  • Hey Anneleis, and all,
    just a question that I was not able to find in the documentation -- how did you create a second personal library (that does not sync)? If I understood you correctly ("my offline library"). In the menus, I see only options for creating a new (online) group, but no secondary (private/personal) library in addition to "My Library".
    I do find some references on how to merge two libraries, but nothing about how to create one.
  • It's not possible to have two different "My Library" libraries visible in Zotero at the same time. You can set up multiple Zotero "profiles" on your computer with separate databases that you can switch between:

    That said, in my experience, the smoothest setup is to just make a Group library that only you are a member of.
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