Online Library not Syncing with local library

edited July 11, 2019
Hi, I have been trying to sync my local library with the online library but am getting an error message.
I have submitted a report with ID: 1083608825
Any help would be appreciated.
  • Online library updated since restore began (12 != 11)
    Is there a reason you're trying to use the reset options? As that pane says, those aren't meant for normal usage or troubleshooting.

    Restart Zotero and try to sync. If you get an error, provide a Debug ID for Zotero startup through the sync error, using the "Restart with Logging Enabled…" option.
  • Thank you. The debug ID is D2072380765.

    Perhaps it is just a problem with my settings, because this time there was no error message, and yet my online library only has 3 items, and my offline library has thousands. It is saying that it synced, but obviously not.
  • See Step 4 on the Changes Not Syncing page. You've disabled syncing of My Library.
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