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Hello. I'm using Chicago full-note style in my thesis, and would like to have a 'short title' or abbreviation for some of the most common references as they are taking up word-count. I've modified the 'short title' field on Zotero but no changes have taken place in the word doc. Thank you very much for your help.
  • I may not understand this right -- the Chicago full note style should abbreviate notes after an item has been cited once. Are you saying that isn't happening or that you'd want even shorter cites? Maybe an example would help?
  • Thanks, Adam. It goes shorter in that it gives the author's surname and title of the book alone, without publishing info, but I'd like to shorten the title itself (eg from 'The great tradition' to 'Tradition'). Is that possible? Thank you.
  • Hello again - I'm still wondering about this. If I change the title in the 'Short title' field on Zotero, the title still isn't changing in footnotes following the first full citation. Is there a way to prompt Zotero to register the 'Short Title' field (apart from refreshing, obviously)?
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    Maybe you should copy the references with the (correct) full title to a subfolder (e.g. Workfolder "Thesis") and modify the title to a short form in that workfolder.

    So the original citation stays correct, and you will use always the shortened form.

    I wonder if your University allows to modify the correct full title to a short form as this is a wrong citation - strictly seen...
  • no, I disagree on both of these with HThole:
    1) don't create copies of the same reference in your Zotero library. That'll just cause chaos
    2) using short titles for subsequent citations is standard in many citation styles, including Chicago Manual (which is why Zotero supports that as per the above)

    Could you try this in a new document? Just Insert one citation of an item. Make sure you have a short version of the title under "Short Title" in Zotero.
    Insert any other citation (to not get ibid) then the original citation again. Do you really not get the short title?
  • @adamsmith

    For the case that you copy references in a new Group-Folder, my idea has to work, as one can store citations in there and the citations can be edited - am I right? So there can be no Problem when I "double the reference in the right way". right?

    But I see your poin, as the short Version of the title should be the right was for that.
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  • well -- "copying" is a bit trick. Just moving an item to a different collection doesn't create a copy -- modifying one will also change the other. The only way to actually create seperate entries is to use right-click --> Duplicate Item.

    But my larger point is that you just shouldn't clutter your library with separate copies of the same item (for which you'd then have to remember which to cite when), especially not when the needed functionality is built into Zotero.
  • It's worked - I think it was a problem with a particular entry, as it was working with all the others, and it now works. Thank you for your help.
  • By the way, I'd like to suppress the author for a number of citations - is there a way to do that en masse, or do I need to return to each individual citation and tick the 'suppress author' box?

    Thank you!
  • no, there's no batch way of doing that, sorry.
  • I'd like to suppress the author for a number of citations - is there a way to do that en masse
    A wild guess (I don't have a copy of Word handy at the moment), but you might be able to do this by toggling the field codes in the Word document and running a suitable find-and-replace. You could check a field of a cite that has the author suppressed and see what's different (it probably has something like "suppress-author": true somewhere)
  • I'm having the same problem with Short Titles not working in my dissertation. I'm also using CMS full notes. I have Short Titles listed in every entry.
    Here's what I can tell:
    (1) If two citations from the same sources are right after each other, it does not use the ST or Ibid. (2) It will, however, throw the ST back in if there are a few entries in between. This gets really confusing when I have, say, three sources from the same author repeating on the same page. I need it to use the ST for *every* subsequent reference. Is there a reason why it is doing this? Am I doing something wrong?
  • The Chicago manual specifies two different formats for subsequent citations. When a citation is to the same source as the immediate previous one (where ibid would formerly have been used), the manual specifies to just give the author name and page number. If there are other references in between, then the manual says to give the author, short title, and page number. This is the behavior implemented by Zotero.
  • Ah, thanks for the explanation. I wasn't aware CMS had changed. I'm assuming there is no way to override this in Zotero? My university requires ST or ibid since, as I noted, I'm often using multiple sources from the same author, so there is literally no way to distinguish them when it is just LN, page #.
  • I mean, you can understand that just LN means exactly what ibid did, with less ambiguity. If you want short Title always, you can modify the style. It’s a fairly simple change—let me know and I can walk you through it.

    @adamsmith I thought there was a style that was essentially Chicago full note with short title always on subsequent—do you recall?
  • While I can understand the change, my university is going to go by what is in our dissertation handbook and I cannot change that. :)

    Yes, please to however to modify the style for STs always. Thank you!
  • @adamsmith Thank you!! Got it installed.

    @bwiernik Thanks for the help!
  • Sorry to call this back up now after a long time. Anyway we can always have STs WITHOUT saying ibid... my uni regs do not allow for ibid.....!
  • The standard Chicago styles for version 17 don't use ibid.
  • Hi adamsmith, I know that, and I worded my question badly... Tired!

    Can I have the option of always having ST's in the subsequent footnotes without the ibid option? Is there a way of making Zotero do that? Thanks for your help in advance
  • So the problem is that the Chicago 17th edition style goes to just author names when citations are immediately repeated?

    There's obviously a way to not do that, but it involves modifying the citation style or using a different one. What exactly are the requirements?
  • @adamsmith yes, that's correct.

    We use Chicago 17th ed. but the expectation in my uni regs is that subsequent footnotes are expected to have a shortened title every time they feature whether or not they come directly beneath each other.

    I have it currently set to 17th ed and it just presents author name and then page number (which I add anyway). When the essay is finished I will go back in and manually change each entry on the assignment so that they also include ST's in the entry.

    But there must be a way of enabling Zotero to do this for me without the hassle or having to manually change each one?
  • @rachel.rcheel
    Rachel, hello!
    I have the same need as you: including short titles in every footnote, even if I'm citing it for a second (and subsequent) time.
    Were you able to figure how to do it without having to add the short titles manually?
    Thank you!
  • (sorry I never responded -- I'm planning to add a Chicago style that just does that, but I haven't gotten to it and won't promise how quickly I will. If someone wants to submit a version to the repo, I'd take it, although we need to make sure to get the naming right.)
  • @adamsmith
    Thank you Adam! I'm in no hurry. If I, or someone else, cannot figure it out beforehand, I'd appreciate your help.

    I read the thread in detail. You mentioned last September that the change was fairly simple and offered to walk someone else through the process. I think that never happened. I'd be happy to do it, and learn, if you can walk me through it. I played with it for a while, but can't figure out how to suppress the function "Cite position: ibid", it seems that would do the trick.
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    @adamsmith; @bwiernik
    Hello again! I'm a third through my dissertation and have 500+ footnotes with the standard Chicago style, however I do need the short title in every entry as discussed above.
    I need it in month, by September 15th. I could add the short titles manually but I'm afraid of the mistakes I could make and of the "system" not updating properly.
    Would either of you be able to add a style that does this within a month? I'm happy to pay for your time and labor, just tell me how much you'd charge me and, if it fits on my budget, it's a done deal.
    Thank you so much!
    PS -- If anyone else in the forum knows how to do this, I extend my petition and offer to you as well.
  • Yes, we'll do this within the next couple of weeks -- no need for you to pay.
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    Which style do you need exactly:

    a) Chicago style in notes: first note full reference; all others with shorttitles
    b) Chicago style in notes: all notes with shorttitles

    In case you need b) => this should do what you want:

    (Please use the official style from the repository as soon as it will be availabe, but perhaps this helps in the meantime...)
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