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  • Thank you Adam and Maier!
    As for your last question, I need b)
  • I was able to figure out how to make the change! At the end it was very easy: I just replaced the section of the code for "ibid/ibid with locator" with the code for "subsequent" and that did the trick.
    If I can get instructions re. how to upload it to the repository, I'm happy to do it.
  • Great. No need to upload to repo, that's likely faster for one of us to do.
  • Hi - I'm having the same problem as others here. My uni uses the Canadian McGill Guide. I have installed the McGill Guide template. But when I cite something for the first time it doesn't create a "short form" at the end. For example, "citation" followed by "[Luban, Dignity]". When I cite it the second time, it just says "Luban" without "Dignity", which means if I have 3-4 papers by the same author it is very confusing as to which one I am referring to. They all say "Luban, supra x". I have tried the Short Title feature and it doesn't work. Is there a fix here?

    I also have a second problem, where the "ibid" feature doesn't work consistently. Sometimes it will say "supra" the footnote right above, instead of ibid.
  • @DeanneSowter -- at least for the copy of the McGill style we support (the 7th edition) the short form is only listed in square brackets for cases and legislation. They may have changed that in later editions, but it looks right to me for the 7th.

    There's no fix for adding the short title in addition to the author for subsequent citations. The supra reference does clarify, though, which work you're referring to.

    Not sure about the ibid issue. Have you tried clicking the refresh button?
  • Ah, thanks. You need to update it to the 9th edition of the McGill Guide for Canadians. Page E-11 shows that short forms for secondary materials where more than one work of a particular author is cited requires the author's name and a short form of the title. Otherwise it's too confusing when you cite the same author more than once, which as others have said, we often do. If there's no fix, I can't use Zotero and will have to stick with the horribly laborious task of typing in my cites.

    Thanks anyway!
  • HI-

    Was this issue addressed yet? I have the same probablem using Chicago 17 Full Note where the short title does not appear when citations are immediately following each other.

    Thanks! Ben
  • For Chicago 17 that's on purpose and according to the styleguide.
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    Hi adamsmith, I read mcorona1401's request, I need option a), does this exist yet? I am writing my dissertation and I did get in to trouble for the last one as I just didn't have time to go back through and edit each one individually.

    I know that it's part of the style guide for Chicago 17, but my uni regs still require it... so still need it!

    I also work in HE and want to share the info with my students, so would be good to know!

    Thanks :)

  • Hi,

    Jumping into this thread because I'm dealing with the same issue. McGill's primary citation format does use the method with just the author's last name:
    12 Humphrey, supra note 2 at 25.

    They offer alternatives when dealing with sources for multiple authors:

    20 S Smith, supra note 7 at 1731.
    21 L Smith, supra note 4 at 14.

    and for multiple papers from the same author:

    14 Baker, "Post-Confederation Rights", supra note 3 at 24

    In this case, "Post-Confederation Rights" is specified as a short form in the suffix to the initial citation [Baker, "Post-Confederation Rights"]

    They also recommend creating short forms for collections.

    This is not a 7th edition vs 9th edition issue, I don't believe. I'm seeing this example in 7, 8, and 9th editions of the guide.

    My plan for after papers this term is to try to fork and update the mcgill style file to the 9th edition, but getting this stuff to work might be beyond my scope of abilities.

    Any help or workaround suggestions much appreciated.
  • Hello everyone, I have a need to have Zotero eliminate all Ibids in the references and to use the Short Title for every subsequent citation, even if consecutive. Unfortunately, I am not capable of editing the csl style data. The format of my university is different from the ones being mentioned here, but I have the fortune of finding an already made csl on Github, but it uses Ibid for subsequent quotations, for which reason I have to manually adjust it each time.
    If someone is willing to help, I would readily send the file or implement the instruction given. Thanks.
  • I have found solution. Thanks.
  • Hello, I also have a requirement for my PhD thesis for: a) Chicago style in notes: first note full reference; all others with shorttitles. Does anyone have instructions on how to customize the file or download it?
  • Hello, I also need a) Chicago style in notes: first note full reference; all others with short titles. I haven't found the option on the style options and failed to do it in the editor. Any options @adamsmith ? Help!
  • @sol_pm -- that just sounds like the standard Chicago (full note) style?
  • I now found Chicago (full note, short title subsequent) in the Zotero style options.

    Some references did not update after changing the style (which was my problem). So I deleted them and re-entered them, and now it works.
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