download pdf from group library?

A colleague with whom I am sharing a group library cannot sync attachments because she ran out of quote I suppose. While looking for another way to access the attachments, I failed to download attachments from the group website. Is this not possible, or did I overlook something? I can only see the details of the attachments, but cannot download the actual pdf.
  • If the owner of the group is at their storage quota, no one will be able to upload additional files and you won't be able to access them online.
  • I am the owner of the group and I bought quota, so I am not at the limit. For some reason, one of the members cannot download attachments.
  • Then see -- it sounds like the files are not syncing _to_ the server from your description (the information about attachments would be present even if the files themselves aren't)
  • Sorry, I did run out of quota after all. I thought I would receive a warning when I get close to the quota, so I did not even bother checking. I will try to reduce the size of the library. Thanks again for your help and sorry about the noise.
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