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  • @bjohas Thank you. Yes, I know of that method, but it isn't ideal, since it requires extracting the annotations again any time changes are made to those, or new ones are added, in the PDF document (via external app, e.g. Preview, Acrobat, etc.).
  • Sure!

    The full text of the PDF is indexed as well, so it would require extracting the notes as well, which is of course possible.
  • Is there a way to have Zotero auto-import or auto-update the imported annotations, though? Through some add-on perhaps?
  • I'm not aware of a plugin. It could be done via the API, but that would require some coding (same as an extension to ZotFile).
  • Thank you; as I thought. Well, this is certainly one for (my) wishlist then...
  • My interest is in searching not just pdf annotations but a full text version of the pdf in each item, for purposes of concordance analysis (text mining). My first thought is to run through the collection and apply pandoc to convert pdf to text. Unless there is some other way I'm not aware of.
  • @dragonfly Zotero already creates text - if you select "show file" from the right-click menu, and inspect the "dot" files in that folder, you'll see it. (Assuming the file has been indexed. You see whether it has been in the right panel when the file is selected.)

    The search (when set to "everything") will search this too. However, it's not very intuitive, as the results don't present the passages from the PDF file. I vaguely remember that this will change in the future.
  • While we always greatly appreciate feature requests, I'm afraid this isn't a helpful thread, so I'm going to close it. Everyone can request features by creating new threads, and people can chime in on existing requests by posting to those. Having a single thread with a generic title containing dozens of feature requests is just messy and distracting.

    Feel free to continue discussions of any of these features in their respective dedicated threads.
  • @danstillman Hi Dan, the idea with the thread was a "personal wish list", that would be an index of changes that I consider fairly important or desirable. How about I change the title to "Björns Wish list" and remind people of your message above?
  • A single thread with one person's wish list still isn't helpful, sorry.
  • Ok, no worries - I'll move the notes here: https://bjohas.de/wiki/Zotero/wishlist
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