Multiple citations and incomplete citations

Hi there!

Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before or knows how to fix. In a recent manuscript, I had this problem:

1. Confavreux, C.B., Pialat, J.-B., Bellière, A., Brevet, M., Decroisette, C., Tescaru, A., Wegrzyn, J., Barrey, C., Mornex, F., Souquet, P.-J., et al. (2018a). Bone metastases from lung cancer: A paradigm for multidisciplinary onco-rheumatology management. Joint Bone Spine.

Note I had 2 same citations with an A and B in the year. No duplicate citations I could see.

2. References were missing either year, volume and page number. Hu, B., Ma, Y., Yang, Y., Zhang, L., Han, H., and Chen, J. (2018). CD44 promotes cell proliferation in non-small cell lung cancer. Oncol Lett.

Yet in Zotero these items were listed.

Thanks for the help!
  • The A and B problem: Are you working with the Zotero Groups function? If so there could be a duplicate record in a group _and_ in your main library. Citing from your library and a group library will trigger the A,B disambiguation. This can also happen if you are citing from the working document _and_ from your Zotero library. See:

    Missing volume and pagination: Unless you are using an unusual citation style that is also broken the only way for this to occur is if there is missing metadata in your Zotero record. (I'm guessing that some of hour citations do have complete volume and pagination metadata.) Again, if you are certain that the Hu, Ma, Yang, et al citation in your library has the complete metadata, you could be citing the reference record from a group record or there could be a problem with an incomplete record already cited and stored in your manuscript document.
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