"Cited" vs "My Library" items

When I insert a citation I have already used, the pop up window shows the paper in two lists, Cited and My Library. Is there a difference when I choose one over the other?
  • Typically not, no. The "Cited" is mainly a shortcut just like "Recent Items" in your file manager, say.

    There is a difference in edge cases due to the fact that Zotero also stores items in the document itself. If you always cite from My Library and groups you belong to and keep those synced, this won't matter to you, though.
  • “Cited” will always choose the item that is already inserted into the document. This can matter, for example, if you have also a Group library with a similarly named item or you are working with a coauthor who inserted an item from their own My Library that you don’t have access to. To avoid inserting duplicate citations, it’s usually best to select the item from Cited Items.
  • Thank both of you for your answers. I work on my own and always on the same computer, so I guess it's OK to use items from My Library.

    I was wondering because my PC is too slow and takes some time to load Cited items.
  • Hi all,
    This might be a little off track, but I'm wondering whether it is possible for the "Cited" items to automatically be grouped in a folder in the Zotero app (either as a library or a collection). Endnote has this function, so one can quickly look at and sort all the citations in a particular document.
    I'm happy to post this as a separate query if necessary.
  • This has been planned for quite some time (and is definitely a good idea) but not clear when it's going to happen, I'm afraid.
  • Thanks for the quick response, Adam. I'll look forward to the addition!
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