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It seems zotero sometimes records the "published online date" rather than the actual publication date.

For example, this paper ( was published online in 2016, but the actual publication year is 2017.

Also, zotero did not record publication date for some Wiley publications. For example:

I am using Windows standalone 5.0.48 with Chrome extension
  • I am using Windows standalone 5.0.48 with Chrome extension
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    In your first example, Informs provides the wrong date in the embedded metadata ( Zotero uses for its import. Zotero has been able to overcome this limitation with other publishers; so maybe this will be possible. Inform's RIS metadata provides the correct publication date.

    In your second example sometimes Wiley's usually excellent embedded metadata doesn't include the actual publication date when it is identical to the citation_online_date. I think that Zotero's Wiley translator wants to find the actual publication date, finds it is omitted, and (correctly, in my view) doesn't include the online date as a substitute.
    edit: Wiley' s RIS does include the publication date. However, in the past this was sometimes the online date. Thus, (I think) a reason for using the embedded metadata instead of the RIS. I'd always prefer no information to incorrect info.
  • We'll look at Wiley; for Informs, we're already using the RIS, but it's all over the place: PY and Y1 are 2016, DA is 2017. Don't think we can do much about that.
  • For Wiley, we're using the BibTeX for some other reasons (markup in titles, principally), but oddly that's missing any publication date.

    We'll look how widespread that issues is. Might be worth just reporting to Wiley.
  • I have reported this to Wiley A&I but I haven't had a specific reply. The metadata Wiley makes available on their ftp site also has the online date and has had for a few weeks. The RIS date of publication is correct if questionably tagged.
  • I just wanted to say I still have the issue of empty date fields when importing from Wiley journals.
  • please just tell us how to add information that is not in the metadata!
  • When I recognize missing metadata fields I add it by hand. That is about the only thing that can be done. Often the hand-entry requires a moment of thought and decision making before the proper information can be entered.

    What Zotero could help with is identifying fields with missing data. For example, a journal article record with missing journal name, page range, or language, etc. would benefit if expected but empty firlds could be highlighted in some way.
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