Difference between Github and Zotero's repository (missing styles)

It seems that some styles are missing from the repository while they have been merged in Github. If I am not wrong, the last style that has been reversed from Github to the repository is cultural geographies (Feb 19). Revised / created styles after this date would be missing.
  • When I check the Zotero repository style on my computer I see
    cultural geographies(2019-02-20 04:02:27)
  • Indeed.
    Would be missing:
    revue-archeologique-du-centre-de-la-france.csl, merged 2 days ago
    american-journal-of-botany.csl, merged 4 days ago
    techniques-et-culture.csl, merged 4 days ago
    universite-du-quebec-a-montreal.csl, merged 2 days ago
    brain.csl, merged 8 days ago
    anglia.csl, merged a day ago
    textual-practice.csl, merged 10 days ago
    estudios-de-fonetica-experimental.csl, merged 8 days ago
    rivista-italiana-di-paleontologia-e-stratigrafia.csl, merged 5 days ago
  • Sorry about that. Fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Thanks to you!
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