Enter bimonthly or quarterly publications

I need to cite some articles published in bimonthly or quarterly publications, but I can't get zotero to understand "jan-feb 1984" or "oct-dec 1999" as MM[to]MM YYYY date style.

Does anyone know how to make it?

I found this topic, but there's still no answer

thank you!
  • Yes, date should just be the publication date other information about the journal issue/volume should not be saved in that field. Try date = "1984", issue = "oct-dec".
  • although "should" in this case just means that that's the only way to get this right with Zotero at this point. I'm a bit torn whether more generally that info should actually be in the issue or the date field, I can see arguments for both.
    And, obviously, Zotero's date field should allow date ranges either way (and everyone agrees that it should). Will still take some time, though.
  • Just a quick comment -- I have this issue, too. I'm citing AI Magazine, which is a quarterly. The issue is "Summer", but it is also issue number 2, so I don't have the "issue" field to shove the quarter into.
  • You can enter “Summer 2004” or similar in the Date field. Zotero recognizes seasons.
  • @bwiernik You are right that Zotero accepts this. What happened to me is that Better BibTeX did not handle this. What went wrong was actually an *export* error, not a Zotero error.

    [Sorry to have taken so long to get back about this -- I just got the time to test this more carefully.]
  • Oh in that case, could you describe exactly your situation for @emilianoeheyns ?
  • Yeah I can't currently replicate an export error when I enter "Summer 2004" in the date field.
  • I'm unable to make it display season for journal articles with CMOS author-date style. I've tried putting "Winter 2017" in the date field for this particular citation.

    With note-style there doesn't seem to be a problem. I get this:
    Author. “Title.” Journal 31, no. 1 (Winter 2017): 117–40.

    But with Author-Date I just get this:
    Author. 2017. “Title.” Journal 31 (1):117–40.

    According to CMOS 17th "15.9: Author-date references—examples and variations", all information should be included, and it should there display like this:
    Author. 2017. “Title.” Journal 31, no. 1 (Winter): 117–40.

    Is there a way to get around this?
  • Not currently. Since styles can't test for the presence of date parts (i.e. we can't actually change the citation based on a season or month being present) we're following the examples in 15.47, for items without season/month info, in all cases.
  • Not sure I fully understand what you mean. It appears it does test for presence of date parts in some cases, as with Notes-style per the example above?

    For Author-Date-style it does show date or season if either volume or issue is missing (apart from the case of volume and season present, then it only displays the volume no. I've tested for all the examples and this is what I get:

    Author-Date (volume no. + season present, issue no. not present) – does not display season:

    [Author]. 2016. "[Title]." [Journal name] 18: 191–218.

    Author-Date (volume no. + month present, issue no. not present) – does display month:

    [Author]. 2016. "[Title]." [Journal name] 18 (December): 191–218.

    Author-Date (issue and season present, volume no. not present) – does display season:

    [Author]. 2016. "[Title]." [Journal name], no. 1 (Winter): 191–218.

    Author-Date (issue and month present, volume no. not present) – does display month:

    [Author]. 2016. "[Title]." [Journal name], no. 1 (December): 191–218.

    Author-Date (volume, issue and season present) – does not display season:

    [Author]. 2016. "[Title]." [Journal name] 18 (1): 191–218.

    Author-Date (volume, issue and month present) – does not display month:

    [Author]. 2016. "[Title]." [Journal name] 18 (1): 191–218.
  • No. For Notes styles we just give the date as month/season and year. If there's no month/season, it will just display the year and that's fine for the note style.

    But that doesn't work for author-date styles because absent month/season, CMoS calls for a completely different citation format (that's 15.47).

    Also, just printing the year by itself in cases where no month/season are available (the way we do for notes) would look/be completely wrong -- you'd just have the year twice -- and that'd be the only option here.

    If you look at the examples you provide for different combinations of date/issue/volume, I think these are all pretty good Chicago style citations. I don't think we can do better currently.
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