Enter bimonthly or quarterly publications

I need to cite some articles published in bimonthly or quarterly publications, but I can't get zotero to understand "jan-feb 1984" or "oct-dec 1999" as MM[to]MM YYYY date style.

Does anyone know how to make it?

I found this topic, but there's still no answer

thank you!
  • Yes, date should just be the publication date other information about the journal issue/volume should not be saved in that field. Try date = "1984", issue = "oct-dec".
  • although "should" in this case just means that that's the only way to get this right with Zotero at this point. I'm a bit torn whether more generally that info should actually be in the issue or the date field, I can see arguments for both.
    And, obviously, Zotero's date field should allow date ranges either way (and everyone agrees that it should). Will still take some time, though.
  • Just a quick comment -- I have this issue, too. I'm citing AI Magazine, which is a quarterly. The issue is "Summer", but it is also issue number 2, so I don't have the "issue" field to shove the quarter into.
  • You can enter “Summer 2004” or similar in the Date field. Zotero recognizes seasons.
  • @bwiernik You are right that Zotero accepts this. What happened to me is that Better BibTeX did not handle this. What went wrong was actually an *export* error, not a Zotero error.

    [Sorry to have taken so long to get back about this -- I just got the time to test this more carefully.]
  • Oh in that case, could you describe exactly your situation for @emilianoeheyns ?
  • Yeah I can't currently replicate an export error when I enter "Summer 2004" in the date field.
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