serval problems about using

1.i use the zotero 5, when I open it, I want to input the pdfinfo and pdftotext, but I can't find it, 编辑→首选项→搜索,there isn't pdfinfo and pdftotext.
2.another problem is I input paper through bib and then link pdf, but when I open the linked pdf it is opened in other apps (such as xodo,fuxin)
  • I've answered these questions here: (not sure if that was you or someone else asking in the other thread)
  • Like Jingyu_chem, i cannot find pdfinfo and pdftotext in my zotero version 5 and was trying to download them but not sure if it is being installed properly as i cannot see them and when i click .exe files, nothing seemed happening. Can you please help asap? many thanks
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    That's answered in the linked thread. The PDF tools don't need to be installed separately in Zotero 5. If you're having trouble with something, start a new thread and explain the problem you're having.
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