serval problems

1. The latest version does not import a PDF index.
2.the version of zotero 4,Plug-ins have been installed, but PDF cannot be imported
  • 1. Sorry, not clear what you mean by "importing a PDF index" -- Zotero 5 should definitely index PDFs if that's the question. If not, could you describe in more details.

    2. Zotero 4 is no longer supported, sorry.
  • i use the zotero 5, when i open it, i want to input the pdfinfo and pdftotext, but i can't find it, 编辑→首选项→搜索,there isn't pdfinfo and pdftotext.
    another problem is i imput paper through bib and then link pdf, but when i open the linked pdf it is opened in other app(such as xodo)
  • pdfinfo and pdftotext come pre-installed in Zotero 5, so no need to worry about installing those anymore.

    Zotero opens PDF with your system's default PDF viewer (it'd have done that in Zotero 4, too).
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