Footnote Ibid and page number abbreviation for Turabian and Chicago

With Chicago citation style (17th edition full note), page number ranges are abbreviated automatically (e.g. 268-69), but it does not use Ibid. With Turabian (8th edition full note), Ibid is used, but the page number ranges are not abbreviated.

I need both Ibid and page number abbreviations! Any chance one or both of these citation styles can be updated to fix that?
  • Note that Chicago recommends against ibid in its 17th edition, which is the rule that Zotero's main style follows. There is a version with ibid available, though:
  • Perfect. That's what I'm looking for. Thanks.

    Any reason the Turabian style does not automatically abbreviate page number ranges?
  • I don't think so; it's probably just not been updated. I don't like Turabian (I think they should just say "use Chicago" instead of having their own almost but not quite identical style) so I tend to procrastinate on working on that.
  • OK. I used to always just use Chicago until it stopped doing Ibid. Then I switched to Turabian, but noticed it didn't automatically abbreviate. :) But the Chicago with Ibid, is perfect, so thanks for your help.
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