Error when syncing notes with images


I am receiving this error when trying to sync my library. Dozens of my sources have notes embedded in them. This is the message I am getting. Is there any easier way to add images to Zotero without needing to save them individually?

"An error occurred during syncing:

The note “Image Pages 72-74” is too long to sync. Shorten the note and sync again."
  • I'm afraid notes with embedded images can't currently be synced. Embedded images have never been officially supported, but it was possible to create them by accident in earlier versions of the note editor, and we've left the capability enabled since some people who use Zotero without syncing rely on them. We're hoping to support them properly in a future version. For now, you'd have to either forego syncing or attach the images as attachments to the parent item.
  • +1 for implementing the functionality
    Being able to embed screenshots and images into notes (while retaining the possibility to sync) is an immensely important functionality for me.
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