Same year, missing add-on letters a and b

Hello everyone,

I'm citing with style APA 6th edition where references of the same author in the same year should be shown with a letter at the end of the publication year, e.g 2018a and 2018b. Now, there are two website-links in my Zotero library from the same author and the same year, however the letters are not shown behind the year. What have I missed?

Thanks for your kind help,
  • The Zotero APA style does do this correctly. How are you inserting the citations into Word? What are the exact spellings of the authors in each item? And are the citations underlined?
  • Hi, thanks for your swift reply! I'm inserting the citations via the Zotero plug-in.
    The spellings are exactly the same and the citations aren't underlined. I have now restarted Word and the Zotero library, and magically now it is working in all cases (I have about 6 authors with various online articles from the same year). Sometimes it's just a software bug, sorry for bothering and thanks again for your help!!!
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