Available for beta testing: Google Docs integration

  • upgraded my zotero
    this is the debug ID
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    I decided to look at the Connector config file (Connector 5.0.41, not a beta), and went ahead and set the google integration to be true, and the integration seemed to work fine. Is the googledoc integration now a standard part of the Zotero connector, and if so when can we expect the documentation to be updated to address this (and will the pref be moved from hidden prefs)?
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    Another bug (limitation?)

    Trying to enter a citation while in "suggesting" (track edits) mode gives the following error:

    "Zotero experienced an error updating your document.
    citation is undefined"

    Interestingly, when I changed back to "editing" mode and inserted the new citation, Google Docs still inserted the citation as a suggestion (as I was in the middle of a block of text marked as a suggestion).

    If this is difficult to fix, then a slightly more helpful error message or documentation somewhere would probably be useful.

    Updating an existing citation while in "suggesting" mode works, although it isn't marked as a tracked change (a "suggestion" in Google speak)
  • @wsetyonugroho, @nskg the updated version of the Connector beta fixes the issue you have reported. Thanks!

    @netbuoy We are bundling the google integration code with the non-beta versions of the Connector, but they're behind on bugfixes, although generally work. We're hoping to expose the integration to the general public soon.
  • @gabbro Thanks for the report. We'll disable the plugin in Suggesting mode, since we cannot make it work reliably. This will be available in an updated version within the next 24 hours.
  • Google Docs integration is now available in Zotero Connector 5.0.42 for Chrome and Firefox. Thanks to everyone for helping to test this, and let us know in a new thread if you run into any trouble.
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