Cannot Import Folders into Group Library

I have an old Zotero database. I've exported it all (including files) as Zotero RDF.

I want to import this into my current Zotero database, placing it into an empty group library.

I can do this. But it doesn't keep my folder structure. All folders are gone, and it's just one big group library. All the data is there, just no longer organised.

It hasn't wrecked anything, and I can delete, export, import again.

Any ideas why I can't get my folders?
  • Are you performing the export from a current version of Zotero 5, or an older version of Zotero?
  • I've loaded the old database into the current version (as a clean folder), then exported it as Zotero RDF.

    So although the old database was originally made about 6 years ago in an earlier version of Zotero, it's since been opened and exported from the most current version.

    Then I switch Files and Folders in Zotero Preferences and open up my current database.

    Then I imported the Zotero RDF folder (old database) into a new (clean) Group Library. It imports all the files and references, but just as one large library, without preserving folder structure.

    When I open the old database on its own by changing Files and Folders in Zotero Preferences the folder structure is maintained.

    (Sidenote: it'd be really nice to be able to switch between databases as with Bookends. I work in Genetics and History, so would like to keep these two distinct subject databases separate. Putting one into a separate Group library is a workaround.)

  • I just tried again. It imported everything. Again without folder structure. But this time, for the first time I got an error. I've submitted the Debug ID. It's:


  • (There is this: for multiple profiles, but I'd have thought a group was actually preferable, as it allows you to move/copy items between the databases more seemlessly)
  • I am also having same problem. please help us to import folders
  • Yes. Still an ongoing problem. Sadly, for me I have to use one database for one lot of work. Then close down Zotero, switching folders, and open it again for my other database, which of course I can't sync either (because using two different databases for one account). It's a hassle.

  • Thanks for your experience.
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