ZotFile: Files not moved to cloud after drag and drop

This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotfile Chrome extension vs. Drag-n-drop.
  • Still having the same problem here: with the plug-in import, the pdfs are moved to the cloud location; with the drag-drop import, however, the pdf is only moved to the local folder on my mac and I have to "send" it to the tablet. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  • Ok, just found out that one solution can be to "rename" the pdf, but still is not automatic upon drag-drop. Has a better solution been found?
  • Zotero now automatically retrieves metadata for PDFs dragged in, so I've moved this to a separate thread.

    Someone might be able to help you here, but for ZotFile issues, you're usually better off posting to the ZotFile thread.
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