Zotfile Chrome extension vs. Drag-n-drop

I'm using standalone Zotero and Zotfile, both updated today (10/7/17). I have 99% success using the Chrome plug-in to import .pdfs into Zotero, which triggers RetrievingMetaData --> RenamingviaZotfile --> Moving to a cloud location I set up in Zotfile preferences.

My question: why isn't a similar chain triggers when I drag-and-drop downloaded .pdfs off my hard drive straight into Zotero standalone? Is there a way to turn this on? Otherwise I'll have to RetrieveMetaData and Rename/Move manually. Thanks for any tips.
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    Saving from the browser isn't the same as retrieving metadata for PDFs. The latter function currently relies on Google Scholar, and since Google Scholar does fairly aggressive rate limiting, we don't run that automatically so that people don't get blocked from Google Scholar if they try to drag in dozens of PDFs. (You'll also generally get better metadata saving from the web.)

    But we have some improvements coming in this area, so stay tuned.
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