Feature request: Adding an item type for live performances

As a performance studies student I find myself regularly needing to cite live dance, theatre and music performances - which Zotero doesn't handle. I realise that a proliferation of item types makes data extraction difficult, but the lack of this item type basically breaks Zotero for me - being able to cite performances is a large chunk of writing in performance studies, drama, music, dance and related fields.

I also note that there is no 'Play' or 'script' item type, which would be useful as well.
  • how do you cite a life performance, preferably as done in a relevant journal or style guide?
  • Examples:

    Harvard: http://guides.lib.monash.edu/content.php?pid=346637&sid=3021682
    MLA: http://lib.trinity.edu/lib2/cite_nontrad_mla.php
    Chicago (note only): http://www.ballarat.edu.au/current-students/learning-and-study/resources/general-guide-for-the-presentation-of-academic-work?sq_content_src=%2BdXJsPWh0dHAlM0ElMkYlMkZqZWQuY2VjYy5jb20uYXUlMkZjbGllbnRzJTJGdW9iJTJGZ2dwYXdfMjAxMCUyRmNoMDlzMDIucGhwJmFsbD0x#Ch434Se209361

    Hope they are useful - the 'Harvard' guide listed above is from my university, so it's the one I'm sticking to for my dissertation!
  • Thanks, that's great. You can follow the ticket here:
    this isn't something that'll make it into Zotero super quickly, but there's a good chance we'll get something useful in the next major Zotero version (3.1/3.5) but I can't make any promises neither on that nor on its time of arrival at this point.
  • I would agree that Performance would be a great Item Type. I am citing live concerts for my thesis. Temporarily I am using Audio Recording and will change it in the final merged bibliography.
  • (item type updates are going to be in Zotero 4.2)
  • Thanks - love Zotero!
  • Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus--I am working in performance studies, and a "performance" item type would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to 4.2!

    Thanks muchly!
  • Another vote for this here. I'm a librarian and teach theater and dance students to use Zotero every semester. A performance item type would be much appreciated.
  • Very much in support of an item type "performance". Especially since it covers a huge swath of humanities research.
  • Curious when the updates mentioned in 4.2 will be released. Reference to 4.2 and item type updates in early 2013, but nothing since then. Github ticket also seems to be stagnant. Unsure why this wasn't in the original item types with, say, film, tv, and radio. Hope this can be addressed soon. I use and recommend Zotero often and have a shared library, but the work-around on these items is tedious. Thanks.
  • No particular reason this wasn't originally included beyond that it's much rarer than citing films or radio broadcasts so it likely wouldn't have shown up in an intial list. We're getting closer to the relevant release (which is going to be called 5.1 but same idea: two major versions down the road) with 5.0 now in beta and close to final release, but it's still not going to be super soon. Hopefully under a year, but I'm not going to make any promises. It depends a lot on how smoothly 5.0 rolls out.
  • Strongly Agree- I need to be able to cite performances and haven't been able to find a way on Zotero!
  • OMG, I am always needing to cite dance or theater performances and not only is there no selection for Performance, but there's no way to add, for example, a director in addition to an author as with theater. I've tried everything, what is your work-around for this? It's making me nuts!
  • I would use Presentation for this in the mean time. What doesn’t work about that for you, and I can recommend a workaround.
  • Hi, what can be do to help move this file forward? Can we code something?
  • This isn't a code issue. This still applies, minus the specific timing: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/265368/#Comment_265368
  • Just wanted to add my voice in here too -- a performance option would be super-helpful! The closest I can get to the right citation is somewhere between Video Recording and TV Broadcast, but neither are giving options to specify writers or choreographers, and the exports don't denote directors. Video Recording puts the title in italics, which is good, while TV Broadcast puts it in quotation marks, but TV Broadcast includes the complete performance date instead of just the year.
  • Reiterating the need for a live performance category here, as it is not rare as many have suggested here. The "Presentation" option gives limited types of makers (Presenter and Contributor only), rather than the range of options given for film. Recorded media have a great range of distinction within the program, allowing you to choose from Film, TV Broadcast, and Video Recording, so adding a category for live performance that would capture a range of groups (theatre, dance, re-enactment, stand-up comedy, etc.) would serve a number of groups.
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