Highlight search terms in results

One thing I miss from Endnote is that when I search for a paper, the word I searched would be highlighted in the search results. Is there a way (built in or through plugin) to do this in Zotero?
  • edited December 5, 2016
    A variety of changes to the display of search results (including this one) are planned, but no ETA for when they might be implemented. At present, no, sorry.
  • Ok. It's encouraging that it is at least planned. Thanks.
  • Any news on this?
  • It’s not possible until Zotero moves to a new development platform (Electron rather than its current Firefox). That’s happening in the relatively near future, but no ETA is available on that.
  • Still no ETA on this?
  • I'm afraid not, no. Not this year, probably more likely than not in 2019?
  • Ok - thanks!
  • Highlighting search results is a practical function that helps a lot in paper searching. Hope it being considered and would be released in the near future!
  • Highlighting search results in PDF file is verying import and usefull! Hope it being considered!
  • As a non-native English speaker, It's a vital feature to view how other people use those words.
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