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I created a new library on your web page and I did not sync it on my standalone. But I see the new library on my standalone unless it is not clicked as "Libraries to Sync". How can I remove the new library on my standalone?

Thank you
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    Please ask your question again using different words and explain in more detail what you did, the steps you took, the results you expected, and the unexpected results you have. If English isn't your primary language you can ask in a language other than English. [I see that you are a very experienced Zotero user but I don't understand your question.] Do you mean that you made a new collection using the online view of your library? Do you mean that you want to have a collection online but not displayed in the Zotero program on your computer? Are you asking about groups?

    I'm not understanding your sentence: "But I see the new library on my standalone unless it is not clicked as "Libraries to Sync"."

    Are you asking again related to the issue you raised in the post below?

    or this question?

  • It’s not currently possible to remove a library from your local database, even after disabling syncing. One option would be to follow these steps:
    1. Disable syncing of the library
    2. Close Zotero
    3. Rename “zotero.sqlite” in your data directory to “zotero.sqlite.old”
    4. Reopen Zotero and sync

    This will recreate your local database without the unwanted group library. It won’t need to re-download attachment files with the steps above.

    @dstillman I think you had mentioned at some point adding an option to remove a library to the context menu?
  • Hi,
    If I do from zotero.sqlite to zotero.sqlite.old, all my library is deleted. It is like the factory reset.
    @DWL-SDCA yes I mean
    Actually my English and explanation good. If you do my explanation. You will see the bug obvşously. It is not the good statement: "If English isn't your primary language you can ask in a language other than English." I can ask Turkish, will you answer in Turkish?
  • @umitgunes Yes, that is what is expected. You then need to sync with your account on to pull down all of your other libraries again. You are right, your explanation is clear.
  • Thank you very much,
    The problem is that I have 95 GB library. If I do that, I have to download all the 95 GB files again. There should be an easier way.
    Thank you
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    No, like I said, the approach I gave you will not require you to re-download the attachment files (they are still there in the storage folder, which you didn’t move).

    If you like, you can disable file syncing during the initial re-sync, then re-enable afterward. This shouldn’t be necessary, but it will ensure that files are not downloaded unnecessarily.

    I agree that there should be an easier way to remove a library from the local database. I am simply providing you an easy workaround for the time being.
  • Hi,

    When I do your instruction, it downloads all the library again. I don't know why it did not use the current file on my computer.

    Thank you
  • Hi @bwiernik ,

    After a while, I see that your way is okay. Thank you very much.

    I have a question, the zotero.sqlite.old is 144 MB but the zotero.sqlite is 54 MB. Should they be the same? Why are they different?

    Thank you
  • The size difference could reflect the libraries you are no longer syncing (particularly if they had many notes). It could also be that you haven’t finished syncing yet.
  • It can also be 1) full-text content indexing that happens in the background or 2) differences in internal DB structure that you don't need to worry about.
  • Hi,
    Yes, you are right. I think it is related to full-text content indexing in the background. Now zotero.sqlite is 141 MB and zotero.sqlite.old is 144 MB.
    @dstillman could you add a feature to avoid this problem?
    Thank you
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    What problem? The ability to remove a library locally, you mean?
  • When I add a new library, it appears on the standalone unless it is clicked as sync library.
  • Unless it is unchecked as a library to sync, you mean?

    I think it would be very confusing for people if adding a new library didn't automatically sync it, so I don't think that's going to change.

    As a workaround, though, I suspect you could disable auto-sync, add the library, unselect it from "Choose Libraries…", and then re-enable auto-sync. (I haven't tested this.)

    And as bwiernik says, the ability to remove a local library without deleting it remotely is planned.
  • Yes, I mean that.

    I can create a new library but it doesn't mean I want to sync it directly. If I want to sync it I have to check as a library to sync on the "choose library". First, I have to choose it from choosing library otherwise it will be confusing because now it is already unselected from "Choose Libraries" but it synced directly.

    I just created the library because I would like to use it on your web page.

    Thank you very much
  • Hi,
    This is a big issue for me. When I add en new library it always syncs with my desktop even I did not select it to sync on my desktop. Is there an easy solution?
    Thank you
  • I give a potential workaround above. Nothing has changed since that post.
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