Unwanted Library

I just created a new library (Ali Dogrul Library). Then it automatically as clicked on my choose libraries part. I unclicked it. But the problem is although it is unclicked, I see it on my Zotero Stanalon home screen. I think there is a bug related to this issue. I don't want to see this new library.
Thank you
  • There is not currently a way to remove a Group library from the local database, even if it is not syncing. What you would want to do is to disable automatic syncing, create the group library, uncheck the library in the Zotero app, then re-enable syncing.

    @dstillman Is an option to remove libraries from the local database planned for the future?
  • Hi,
    I think I didn't explain my situation. I created the group online Zotero page. Then somehow it clicked itself on on my choose libraries. I didn't do anything. It did automatically. Then I unclick the tick but it stays there. I don't want to see it on my home screen. It is not normal.
  • no, that's absolutely normal. All groups you create appear in Zotero. You can disable _syncing_ of those groups, which is what the choose libraries button is for (that's why it's in the sync panel).
  • I did it bu also I would lşke to remove it from my home screen. How can I do that.
  • Assuming by "home screen" you mean Zotero Standalone locally, you cannot, as bwiernik says.
  • And you can follow the steps I described above to create a new Group library without it appearing in the Zotero app.
  • Hi I don't want to see it on my computer. If I delete the library, does it deseppear on my standalonu home screen?
  • Yes, if you delete the library on zotero.org, it will be removed from the Zotero app.
  • I deleted the library on Zotero.org then I synced my app but the library is still there. I want to remove it. I don't want to see it anywhere.
  • Sync and the library should be removed.
  • It didn't. I tried many times. I really need your help.
  • Okay, try to right click on the library. Do you see an option to Remove Library?
  • There is no remove option.
  • @dstillman I am not sure why the remove button isn’t showing up?
  • @umitgunes: Does the library still show up in "Choose Libraries…"? If so, is it checked or unchecked?
  • No, I cannot see the library on "Choose Libraries…"
  • Hi, How can I delete it?
  • What happens if you create an item in the group and then right-click on the group and click Sync?
  • When I do it, It asked me to delete or keep the group. I deleted it. Now the problem is solved.
    Thank you
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