shortcut to top of library "My Library"

I often want to perform a global search by a sub collection is highlighted. Is there any way to jump to a global search? Perhaps jump up to My Library first. I know I can just click with a mouse, but a shortcut would be faster. Thanks.
  • This is a good idea. I would also like to have this.
  • Would there be a way to implement a shortcut like option + command + F similar to other mac applications?
  • We've talked about providing a button to redo a search in the library root if there are no matches, but I'm not sure we would do more than that (since there's not really a good place in the UI for it if there are matches).

    You can get to My Library from the keyboard using Cmd+Shift+L/Ctrl+Shift+L to focus the left-hand pane and then the Home key (Fn-left-arrow on Mac keyboards without a dedicated Home key). You can also press 'm' (or the equivalent for "My Library" on non-English systems) if you have no other collections/groups starting with 'm' below the currently selected collection. (You can also just press 'm' a few times to cycle through.)
  • Thank you for the reply. I was unaware of the Fn-left-arrow command; that is very helpful.
  • I would really love to have a shortcut like ctrl + shift + L , or option + command + F to make a global search in the library you are in.
  • A link at the bottom of the search results tree to repeat the search in the Global Library (which would display under No Results if there are none) would be very convenient.
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    Looking for this feature as well! Until then, as long as you are on Mac, I recommend to create your own Global Search shortcut by using the fabulous app called "BetterTouchTool" .

    In my case cmd+F remains for search actions within the corresponding collection, while cmd+shift+F gives you a global search by remapping the shortcut to a serial combination of ctrl+shift+L and fn+left-arrow and cmd+F.


  • Ctlr+Shift+L, Home works to do a global search, but it takes the left hand pane up to the My library folder.

    Since I now have a LOT of folders and the My Library is a long way from the folder that I am wanting to work in. It would be nice for me to be able to keep the left hand plane still while relocating the search context to my library.
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