Copying entries between libraries

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    Here is what I've noticed for copying entries between libraries:
    1. I create a new library.
    2. I drag-and-drop entries from a folder in the old library to the new library (OK).
    3. I then modify an entry in the NEW library, and then try to drag-and-drop it back to the folder in the old library (this does NOT) work; the original entry remains in that folder.
    4. I then try to drag-and-drop it back into a DIFFERENT folder in the original library. Instead, the entry from the original library appears there- not the one which I had drag-and-dropped from the new library.
    5. Even when I erase the same entry in the original library and attempt to afterwards drag-and-drop the new version back to the original library, the OLDER version of the same entry pops up!
  • After deleting the item from the original library, you need to also empty the trash.
  • This works, thanks.
  • (We know this workflow needs improvement, though.)
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