• I'm currently (occasionally, I can't reproduce at will) seeing something similar. From the debug log (D1780424802) it doesn't seem to be doing much but top shows zotero-bin taking approx 150% (so a core and a half) and the laptop fan revved up. A restart of Zotero will consistently make it calm down.
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    @emilianoeheyns: The above was GPU, though, so if you're seeing CPU usage, that's something else.
  • The debug output shows a normal file sync, scanning for modified files. Are you only seeing the CPU usage during a sync (probably a manual sync where you click the button, which is a more resource intensive), or also after the sync finishes?
  • It wasn't related to the sync, high CPU use was there throughout. I initiated a manual sync to see whether the logging worked as nothing was being added to the log during the high-CPU episode otherwise.
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