Zotero running hot (causing fan to run, presumably b/c more resource intensive) after update


Trying to figure out if this is an isolated issue. Since the last couple of updates, when I try running Zotero with other programs, it seems to be causing the computer to run hot, making the fan turn on quite loud. I know it can use a reasonable amount of battery with other things open, so I'm not inherently concerned about that, but the making the fan turn on loudly is a bit more concerning to me. I didn't know if there was something in the latest update that might have further caused it to be more resource intensive, or just a bad combination of things on my particular machine.

Running OSX standalone 5.0.47
  • Is this on a MBP with discrete graphics? We've seen some cases where, after saving snapshots on certain pages, the dedicated graphics card turns on and doesn't go off until Zotero is restarted, and we haven't been able to fix that yet.

    Generally you should be able to tell what's happening (CPU or GPU) from Activity Monitor.
  • (But no, it's not a general problem. E.g., right now for me Zotero in the background is using 0.0% CPU.)
  • It might have that -- I am definitely on a MBP. How would I know if it's discrete graphics? Not very good at the hardware side. My about mac says "Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB" as the graphics card.
  • This is a 15" MBP, right? Yeah, those are the models with separate discrete graphics cards. So check the link I provided above for determining whether the behavior I describe is happening for you after saving snapshots on certain webpages.
  • OK, I'll keep an eye out and report back at next occurrence -- thanks!
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