Translation mistake Dutch version

In the Dutch version of Zotero, 'Duplicate items' is translated as 'Kopieer items', which is probably a machine translation in which 'Duplicate' was mistakenly interpreted as a verb rather than an adjective. I'd suggest to change 'Kopieer items' to 'Dubbele items'.
  • (Zotero doesn't use machine translations; I think the human translators confused the right-click "Duplicate Item" [where Kopieer would seem correct] and the saved search "Duplicate Items" [where it's not])
    @Rintze could you take a look?
  • edited April 11, 2018
    @plr271, did you just request to be added to the Dutch translation team of Zotero (user " B L (Bliksemafleider)")? If so, I just added you to the team, so you can fix this yourself. Otherwise I can make the correction.
  • @Rintze, yes, I did. Unfortunately, I can't fix it myself. I see someone else already suggested the same translation 3 years ago, but I don't have the rights to approve that suggestion.
  • @plr271, I just changed the translation. You really couldn't edit the existing translation?
  • @Rintze, No, I can't edit reviewed translations. The 'Save changes' button turns grey and only allows me to 'Save as Suggestion'
  • Okay, you're now a "reviewer" instead of a "translator". I think that should allow you to edit reviewed translations (per
  • Thanks, that solves the problem!
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