Using for webdav: correct URL rejected as invalid

I'm trying to re-link my new Zotero installation to my old web dav location at As the below screenshot shows, I'm trying to sync to the URL which is suggested on the Zotero website. When I click 'verify server', I get the error message 'please enter a valid WebDAV URL".

Why is this URL not considered valid for me?

Zotero version 5.0.42

  • Could we see a Debug ID for a Verify Server attempt?
  • also, though likely unrelated, update Zotero to 5.0.44
  • I have this debug ID generated for the verify server attempt: D1581452287

    I have made a request to my IS department to update my Zotero for Windows installation. It is likely to take at least a couple of days before this is done. Unfortunately, Zotero was updated just a day or two after my last request was serviced.
  • It worked this morning for some reason. First it rejected my username and password multiple times and then after signing into with my browser it accepted the same username/password.
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