Editing APA style to include abstract for annotated bibliography?

I just tried to modify the APA style to include the abstract for an annotated bibliography. I was able to insert the line:

<text variable="abstract" prefix=" Abstract: " />

before the /layout line at the end of the Bibliography section and it now includes the abstract, but I can't figure out how to make the following mods:

1. How do I force a new line before the "Abstract" prefix? If I add


in that line, it puts the abstract on a new line, but not the prefix.

2. The bibiography section forces a period at the end. How can I force that before the abstract field?

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    Why would you use an abstract for an annotated bibliography? The content of the annotations should really be your notes.

    But that aside, something like this should work:

    <group suffix=".">
    <text macro="author" suffix="."/>
    <text macro="issued"/>
    <text macro="title" prefix=" "/>
    <text macro="container-contributors"/>
    <text macro="secondary-contributors"/>
    <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic"/>
    <text variable="collection-title" prefix=", " suffix="."/>
    <text macro="locators"/>
    <group delimiter=". " prefix=". ">
    <text macro="publisher"/>
    <text macro="access"/>
    <text value="Abstract" display="block"/>
    <text variable="abstract" display="block"/>

    Note what I've done with the outer group, and the text/value element.
  • Thanks Brian -

    Will see how that works. For this course assignment we were told we could use the supplied abstract. Is there a way to use one of the notes entries instead of an abstract? That would be more useful as I progress through the program. I didn't see that as a variable listed in the csl_syntax page.
  • Oops - sorry - meant to say Bruce :(

    I just noticed that I can use the extra field and the text variable "note" to pick that up. So I can do two different styles for an annotated bibliography, one with the abstract field and one with my notes.

  • To Jonathan,

    I am interested in using your modified APA style as I don't know how to modify the code - did you post this to the Zotero site?
  • I'd love to be able to do both of those edits; which file are we looking at?
  • I am very interested in this as well. I have managed to change the style to include the abstract by using the text/variable element, but I could not get notes to display.

    Jonathan, you wrote that you "can use the extra field and the text variable 'note' to pick that up," but everything I tried either displayed nothing or caused zotero to pop up an error message.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I wouldn't no how to map the notes, but what Jonathan notes above is that the call
    <text variable="note"/>
    displays whatever is in the 'Extra' field (not the note attached to the item).
  • @ adamsmith: Thank you for explaining what was meant.

    @ Everyone else: Is there any way to get notes into a bibliography?
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