How to customize the UI?

How can I change things like font family, font size, colors, height of the item list, width of the panes... etc?

I tried to do it with the 'Config Editor', but there are so many items that I can not find the right one.
  • By the way, I know how to change `font size` in Preferences-General. But I really want to change the font family.
  • Can I just change some files in `/Applications/` to achieve this goal? If so, which file should I edit?
  • If anyone still needs to do this, you can change the font family by going to Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced Configuration, click 'Config Editor' and edit the value 'extensions.zotero.note.fontFamily'. Put your preferred font at the front of the list. Then restart Zotero.
  • Still unable to change the font-family used in the major window (not the notes). It shows the ugly default system font.

    Thank you @realtime99 . But that is how to change font-family in notes.
  • refer to the repository
    you can edit the css file to change the font of zotero software interface.
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