[5.0 Beta] Connector for FF displays "You've installed the Zotero Connector!" every time

Ever since I upgraded Zotero to 5.0 Beta, the Zotero Connector for Firefox displays the dialog "You've installed the Zotero Connector!" every time I reopen Firefox. (also reported here)

I've submitted a debug output D1133766710 from the Connector regarding this issue.

It might have to do with the message (3)(+0005376): Message `Connector_Browser.injectScripts` has no callback arg. It should use the returned promise
  • Setting firstUse to false
    Can you provide a Report ID as well? Debug ID doesn't currently include all the info we need in the connector.

    Does this happen with other Firefox extensions disabled? Zotero checks the pref above — which is stored in the extension's localStorage — before showing that dialog, so the fact that it's happening again after a restart would suggest that something is clearing localStorage.
  • I just looked but Zotero Connector doesn't actually recognize any errors.

    The cause of the problem seems to be in the privacy settings in Firefox. Under Accept cookies from sites I originally had Keep until: I close Firefox selected. Once I changed that to Keep until: they expire, the Zotero message doesn't seem to appear any longer.

    It's somewhat troubling for me as I personally don't want to keep undesignated cookies and caches. Anyway I can whitelist Zotero in Firefox such that the cache will be kept stored?
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    Hmm, that seems potentially like a Firefox bug — not that it clears localStorage (which would make sense from a privacy perspective, because otherwise sites could just use localStorage to get around that setting) but that it applies to the localStorage of extensions. Issue created. We'll investigate.
  • Actually, what Firefox version is this? I can't reproduce this in Firefox 51.0.1. With "Keep until: I close Firefox" set, the extension's localStorage is still present after a restart, and I don't get the first-run prompt again.
  • As far as I can tell, in 51.0.1 the setting that causes this is "Always use private browsing mode" — in which case "Keep until: I close Firefox" is enabled and also grayed out. Without that setting, I don't see this even with "Keep until: I close Firefox" enabled. It's possible this was different in an earlier version of Firefox. In any case, we'll investigate whether there's a way around this in the current version.
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    I'm using Firefox 51.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.04.

    Yeah, one first needs to select Use custom settings for history under History in the "Privacy" setting. The custom settings otherwise won't appear (sorry, I should have mentioned that at the beginning).

    I then have "Remember my browsing and download history", "Accept cookies from sites", "Accept third-party cookies: Never", "Keep until: I close Firefox" enabled.
  • I seem to be able to replicate the problem using a different Firefox profile when I have "Accept third-party cookies: Never" and "Keep until: I close Firefox" enabled.
  • Right, I was just saying I couldn't reproduce that without "Always use private browsing mode". But it seems like the difference here is just that anything already set before enabling "Keep until: I close Firefox" remains after restart. If I manually clear the storage and then enable that setting (but not "Always use private browsing mode"), I can reproduce this with just that setting.

    It looks like Mozilla is aware of this issue, so we'll keep an eye on it. In the meantime, a fix would be to disable that setting, click through the first-run prompt, and then reenable it (possibly with some combination of restarts in there).
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    A new version of the Firefox Connector is now out that should fix this. Upgrade to 5.0.12 and let us know if you still have any trouble.
  • Scratch that — we've pulled 5.0.12 for Firefox to investigate a problem. We'll post again when a new version is available.
  • OK, 5.0.13 is now available.
  • Yeah, the latest update has fixed the issue for me. Thanks for your work!!
  • Yes, this is working for me now too. Thanks :)
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