Juris-M -- Export: "An error occurred . . . ."

edited July 13, 2017
When trying to export my library to RDF I see the message box "Exporting items . . . ." for a few seconds, a bit of progress bar, then another message box: "An error occurred while trying to export the selected file." I am exporting with notes only. No errors in database check. Reset everything that could be reset. I'm in Juris-M, but I'd like to turn on or locate error messages before I go any further. Perhaps I can identify the offending file or note. Thx, m
  • The first place to look would be under "Report Errors"

    If you can't make sense of that, running debug output would be next

    If you want to report this, you'll need to mark the thread with juris-m: these are almost certainly errors specific to juris-m and not Zotero in general
  • For some reason I had gone into Preferences seeking info instead of Help | Submit Feedback. No errors to report there.
  • Okay. I found it in the debug outpuut: Attachment file '/media/ntfs2/Marks_Digital_Library/Serial_Titles/O/The_Oberlin_Evangelist--v_01-02--1838-1840.pdf' not found. But why is it trying to export attachments when I selected only to export notes?
  • Oh! I have attachments in the main. Ha!
  • And bad links to attachments.
  • Export is fine now. Thanks, adamsmith, for helping me to remember how to get into the error reporting mechanism. m
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