[Zotero 5.0] AMS translators don't work at all

  • Hey @fmuro, sorry for the delay. Could you install the chrome connector and help us troubleshoot this?

    Go to the Connector preferences -> Advanced -> Tick "Show in Console". Afterwards you'll need to navigate to about:extensions, tick "Developer mode", then find "Zotero Connector" extension in the list and tick "Collect errors". Perform the unsuccessful AMS load and check the error log in about:extensions for the connector. The dialog is a bit painful to work with, but you should be able to select the error log text in it. Paste that on gist.github.com and hopefully that will have more info on what went wrong.
  • @adomasven no problem! I've installed Chromium and the Zotero Connector on it, but there's no way of reproducing it here. In Firefox, I can still reproduce it in MathSciNet, but not in AMS journals. I'll keep on trying with both browsers and let you know if I can reproduce it in Chromium. If there's anything I can do to debug this in Firefox, let me know. Thanks!
  • Ok, I think I found the bug. Just needed to think for a month! The Firefox connector has been updated to 5.0.6, see if it's still a problem.
  • Sorry @adomasven I've updated the Firefox Zotero Connector to 5.0.6 but I still get the bug in MathSciNet entries.
  • Could you produce a Debug ID?
  • Actually, don't worry about it. A bugfix to the bugfix will follow soon.
  • The Debug ID is D487634937.

    Failed attempt:


    As in previous cases, the translator is not detected, right click on the connector only shows web page with/without snapshot, but nothing happens when clicking (not even the web page is saved).
  • Sorry, I've just seen your very last comment. I'll wait for the new version, then, and come back to confirm that it works.
  • OK, try 5.0.7, available now.
  • Oh, men, thanks a lot!!! It seems to work perfectly now in Firefox, which is my preferred browser. What you @adomasven and @dstillman and contributors do, is invaluable for many of us, I'm really very grateful. Uninstalling chromium now...
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