series published across multiple years

Is it possible to have Zotero enter a range of years for the publication date of a multivolume series? In the Date field I've entered "1991–2016," but in footnotes and the bibliography Zotero lists the date as "1991." I can change this manually, but I thought I'd check to see if Zotero can list the date as "1991–2016" automatically.

  • not currently, no. You can enter 1991_2016 and might find that easier to change, but Zotero can't currently do date ranges. Definitely planned, though.
  • You can get this to render properly by entering it into the Extra field like this:

    issued: 1991/2016

    Better support for various date formats in the Date field itself is planned, but no ETA on when that might happen.
  • Thanks, adam smith and bwiernik. Entering "issued: 1991/2016" in the Extra field worked.
  • @adamsmith citeproc-js's Extra parsing can handle date ranges in ISO format for all the date variables.
  • Is there a way for this solution to work for publications of series that are still in progress and don't have an end date (thus, e.g., "1931–")?
  • @fbennett Is that possible somehow? I don’t see it in the citeproc-is docs
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