sync attachments preferences and PDFs storage

for some reasons which I don't understand, the preferences for sync attachments which I set as unchecked, from time to time, change back to checked.

Question 1) is that a known issue?

Question 2) that makes that all of a sudden my files are synced on the zotero storage space, and quickly run out of space. Now the problem is that I can purge my own library, but I don't know how to purge the group library attachments of which I'm the owner though. Is there a way to do so?

Last time it happened I had exported the group library contents (files included), deleted the group library, created a new one, and then imported again, caring to set the sync preferences unchecked; but only a few weeks after I found agian these settings changed though I didn't changed them myself, and files have been re-upped on the Zotero server.

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  • 1) no, I don't think we've ever heard of this

    2) I think you should be able to turn file sync off for any group if you don't need it. Would that work?
  • thanks, yes I don't need file sync, but I still have 2 problems:

    1) how do I remove the pdfs of the group library from the zotero server, now that they have been uploaded, as there is no purge function for group libraries as far as I understand?

    2) how do I set the file sync off for the group library? I see only one sync preference in the preferences; does it apply to both my own library and the group library ? and how to be assured that other invitees don't have their sync preferences on; so that they upload files on the server? and in case are these files counted on their 300 Mb quotas or mine (I'm the group owner)?

    well I find that in the end it is not very clear how does this sync preferences work at least at the level of the group libraries.
  • It's in the group's settings online, not the Zotero preferences locally.
  • Thanks, I see now it's the "No group file storage" library setting.
    However How do i remove the files uploaded so far? I still see that there are some 155 MB files stored for the Group Library..
  • I too would like to know what happens when I change group library settings to "no group file storage". I was able to select "no group file storage" for one library and failed for another. The successfully changed one still takes up the same amount of storage.
  • I have also had exactly this problem happen to me, of unchecked sync boxes suddenly flipping back to being checked for Zotero syncing. I had my Zotero set up to save attachments in a custom folder, which I sync myself (because I can then search that folder with other tools) and have found that suddenly it has reverted to going through Zotero.
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