Journal and Series Abbrev.'s for Chicago & other styles.

For my thesis, I eventually need to be able to use abbreviations for both Journal and Series titles (using Chicago MS Notes citation styles).

I assume the ability to do this with ease is a longer (post 1.0) project. It seems like it would take the following elements:

1. Series Abbreviations added to the UI and database.

2. Some kind of Abbreviation list manager for Journal and Series abbreviations. Without this its hard to make sure you keep to standard abbreviations, and it's a lot of manual work to type in abbreviations to each entry. A web service for standardizing names and abbreviations (discussed here in the forums) is another good solution, with obvious longer term benefits, but list management (such as JabRef) has, would make the problem quite manageable from a user's point of view, and perhaps give the user more control (over different abbreviation standards, or different requirements for when to use abbreviations and when to use full titles)

3. Citation styles should probably have the option of defaulting to abbreviations or defaulting to full names (for both Journal and Series titles). If you have this option and allow swapping out of abbrev lists, then (it seems to me) you cover the most common possibilities for publisher/institutional requirements.

4. Depending on what the style sheets actually say (and I would be willing to help with the research when the time comes) citation styles should probably have the option including or omitting series names from the reference list, as well as the option to include the series name but not the number. They may discretionary. At least it seems that writers treat them that way in practice.
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