Abbreviation filter with Zotero

If I remember correctly, the abbreviation filter for Juris-M used to work with Zotero until the Zotero 5.0 watershed. So unfortunately, it is currently not possible to use it with Zotero.

Would be great if this filter came back to Zotero, or if similar functionality were implemented. E.g., hereinafter is super useful, as is the ability to set the short-titles per document.

Would that be possible? What do you think?

(While I don't mind using Juris-M myself, scholars and students at my institution are sometimes a bit leery to use Juris-M instead of upstream Zotero.)
  • So this means no?
  • I don’t remember what the blocking problem was. Can you look for Frank’s discussion on Zotero-dev?
  • Ok, here's the link to the discussion:!msg/zotero-dev/6JnDJappshc/hGQO1ExhDAAJ

    > The sticking point is that the Filter holds abbreviations in an SQLite database. Access there is now async, but the processor needs synchronous access to abbreviations. The solution (similarly to the preload of item data performed at Zotero startup) is to boost potentially useful data into memory before invoking the processor.

    > I've made the necessary adjustments in Juris-M, and it seems to work fine there. There is some impact on the code, though:

    > 1. An async preload function is invoked immediately before any call to the processor; and
    > 2. Because (1), the function chains that call the processor need to be async-ified back to their origin in the UI.

    > I can adapt the changes to the Zotero master. It would take some work, though, so I thought I'd better check that there is interest before touching it.
  • So, what does that mean? Is it up to @fbennett to make this work in vanilla Zotero again? Or @dstillman: is this something for the Zotero devs?
  • I don't know anything about the plugin, but I think anything we did regarding abbreviations in Zotero proper would be based on JSON files. There was some discussion about bundling additional JSON files here.
  • Skimming through the other thread mentioned by dstillman, that looks like a useful addition, necessary for style agnostic data entry and for switching styles easily. Would be great if that was added. I'm fine with using JSON files here.

    The other use case for the abbreviation filter is manipulating short titles or adding abbreviations on a per document basis (not related to a particular style). For example, you're writing a paper about one author and you want to use abbreviations for his writings. That's quite common in fields like literature or philosophy. (CSL-M knows a hereinafter variable for these cases, which is not yet part of standard CSL, but in any case it makes sense to do this on a per document basis. That aside, manipulating data on a per document basis would be a great addition.)
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