Zotero 5.0 Beta

  • I guess that I wasn't clear. I was referring to feed items not to items added to a Zotero collection. With SD journal feeds even if I mark feed items as read, the next day the items are marked as unread and if new items have been added to the item list, the new items are dispersed throughout the unread (but really read) items. I do not get duplicates of the read items when they are changed to unread status.

    New items from Muse journal feeds are placed at the top of the listing.

    I've never paid much attention to the feed control mechanisms such the date and what seem to be some sort of ID number. After examining the SD feeds in a text editor, what appears to be an ID string can differ when read items are replaced with the same item. When I look at the raw file for other publishers' feed items (that I brought in using Firefox itself and another feed reader on a different computer) what I guess is the ID number is always the same for the same item. I guess that 1) I could be misinterpreting what I see as an ID number; or 2) SD is interweaving new items within the older items.

    Please, anyone reading this: 1) contact Elsevier ScienceDirect and report the problem with their auto-recognize feed system subscribing to a different journal's feed _and_ that feeds are distributed with the wrong date and time which defeats the ability of a RSS reader to distinguish read from unread. 2) contact Project Muse to question why they replace the feed date with a new date and time with every item distribution.
  • Will Zotero standalone be updated soon to work with 5.0? I'd be interested in beta testing the standalone too.
  • DWL: No, I understood — I was talking about feed items. But what you describe shouldn't be possible, since Zotero currently only sorts on the id of the feed item when it's first added to the database. If the ids aren't changing, nothing should be changing order, even if they're marked as unread again due to the updated date in the feed. If the ids are changing, that would explain seeing items as unread, but you'd also get duplicates, and the original entries would remain marked as read. In any case, we'll investigate the SD feeds.

    jsethlee: Yep — we should have 5.0 Standalone betas out by the end of this week. I'll post here when they're ready.
  • Dan, what is the timeline for the official release of 5.0? Just asking because I don't find the time to finalize the update zotfile. Thanks!
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    We're hoping to start rolling out 5.0 to everyone the first week in October — possibly a week or two sooner if it's ready.
  • Quando uscirà la beta 5.0 di Zotero Standalone?
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    Dear Dan,

    First of all I would like to thank Zotero Team for all the good work that goes into making Zotero.
    I was wondering if You can add filters to the Feed system. For example, I am currently subscribing feeds of numerous journals and they publish large number of articles which I am not intersted in. Right now I can find the articles by looking through each journal with search but it would be a lot easier if there is a "general" search for my feeds which saves the keywords I am intersted in, looks through all my subscribed feeds when I log in to Zotero or refresh the search and shows the results in a folder (e.g. Searched articles or something else).
  • Dan, where to download beta?
  • Dear Dan,

    The proposal of heigoers is really a good idea and I really need it. Also, I am wondering if the filter could support regular expressions

  • Hello Dan,

    could you please post a link for the download of the beta. Thanks!
  • There's a download link for Zotero for Firefox in the first post of this thread.

    Standalone beta builds aren't yet available but will be soon.
  • hi Dan
    Any news concerning the roll out of 5.0? Do you know the exact date?
    Pax Gut
  • Hi,
    When could we use Zotero 5.0?
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    Thanks for all the feedback provided so far. I'm happy to report that 5.0 Standalone betas are now available: We'll publicize these more widely in a few days, but for now let us know if you run into any trouble.
  • Hi Dan,
    Sould we uninstall Zoreto 4 before?
  • The standalone is working well for me thus far. When I first installed it, some of my feeds didn't appear though until I used a reset sync.
  • No problem with the standalone on macOS for the moment.

    But Zotfile plugin is marked has incompatible :/.
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    For the major add-ons:

    For ZotFile see https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/62594/zotfile-5-0-beta-for-zotero-5#latest

    Zutilo should be compatible.

    BBT is working on it, but that one is quite involved, so he's struggling a bit.

    ODF Scan we honestly haven't looked into.

    Quick Look I'm afraid might not happen if it doesn't work ootb.
  • Will be standalone Zotero for Windows in 64bit version?
  • Hi,
    Adding/changing color of tags are not working in Zotero 5 Beta.
    Could you consider it.
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    Adding/changing color of tags are not working in Zotero 5 Beta.
    The tag selector context menu is fixed in r56, which will be available in a few minutes. Thanks.
  • > Quick Look I'm afraid might not happen if it doesn't work ootb.

    Works fine here, thank goodness :-)
  • For those on the 5.0 release/beta who happen to use Better BibTeX: BBT is not yet compatible with 5.0. If you're on 5.0, please disable BBT and keep an eye on this issue: https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-better-bibtex/issues/555 . Work is underway, but no ETA, and in the meanwhile it may lead to spurious errors about which the Zotero devs can do absolutely nothing.
  • Dan, could you confirm that if one has Zotero 4.0 standalone and the Zotero 4.0 firefox extension installed then installing Zotero 5.0 standalone (I'm on Windows 10) shouldn't cause any problems ... 4.0 and 5.0 can be installed side by side?

    Thanks for all the work you and the team have been putting in.
  • @johnbentley: No, you'll need to update both if they're sharing the same data directory — otherwise 5.0 Standalone will update the database and you'll get an error when you run Zotero 4.0 for Firefox on its own.

    There's a link to the 5.0 extension in my first post.
  • I take it there is no way, from my end, to readily make a 5.0 data directory (standalone and extension) independent from a 4.0 (standalone and extension) data directory. E.g. From a 4.0 install choosing [Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Files and Folders > Data Directory Location > Custom ...] is not going to help as a 5.0 install will just pickup that Custom location and automatically update the database. Is that right?

    If so, this is not a big concern from my end. That is, I wouldn't want to you to attempt making side by side installs feasible (which would complicate making updates from 4.0 to 5.0 easy).

    I'd just stick with 4.0 for a while longer (as you suggest in your top post). Just to be explicit about my situation: I'm currently heavily dependent on @emilianoeheyns 's Better BibTeX. Noting their post just above, I'd simply hang on to 4.0 until Emiliano works his magic.
  • You can run 4.0 and 5.0 side by side with separate Firefox and/or Zotero profiles pointing to separate data directories, using sync to transfer data between the two, but that's a bit complicated, so if you need BBT I'd just hold off for now.
  • Thanks Dan. Given the complication I'll take your advice and hold off.
  • Better BibTeX is crucial to my workflow -- if it's still not compatible when Z5.0 is released, will it be possible to block Zotero from updating?

  • Dan will have to say how 5.0 will roll out. In the past, Zotero has been very conservative forcing updates that change the DB (and thus make rollback hard).
    In any case, you can disable auto-updates for any Firefox update and for Zotero, yes.
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