Tags not moving between own and shared folders

Hi all,

I run Zotero Firefox and Standalone. I have my own library that I update and normally add tags to articles as routine.

I also run a shared folder for 2 friends and until today I was able to move between the folders with tags intact. But now I cannot. I'm really not sure what to do now.
  • At the bottom of the Preferences/General window is an option to include (or not) tags when copying items between group libraries. It should be checked.
  • I have exactly the same problem as @pauljee.
    The option including tags when copying items between libraries is checked it was checked BEFORE I tried to move items. But drag-and-drop items from a shared collection to a personal collection has made a lot of tags disappeared, which is a great problem.
    Curiously, some of tags still remain, but not all.
    Any idea ?
  • Only other reason this would happen is if the item was originally moved from the library _to_ the group.
  • Hi @adamsmith, thanks for your quick answer as usual.
    You mean
    1. A personal collection
    2. then items moved to a group
    3. Come back to the personal collection ?
  • yes, that's not possible (unless you previously delete the original item and empty the Zotero trash).
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