Questions: 'Humane' citation style

Hello All--

I'm prepping a submission for the journal Cultural Geographies, which uses a somewhat idiosyncratic style that it describes as "Humane". From their style sheet this looks like a variant of a footnote based Chicago style, but there are some differences that I see almost instantly.

--For edited volumes the editor comes before the volume title not after.
--Use of a shortened format for subsequent references.

The posted style guide is also less than clear, since it doesn't specify italicized titles but they show up in the journal itself. (Argh....)

I've been looking, and I haven't seen any premade CSL styles that exactly match this. (That said, I'm new to Zotero, and may not be looking effectively.) Not many other journals seem to be using the format, or at least calling it the same thing.

I have found an endnote style, posted here:

So I have a few questions:
1) Any suggestions on where I might find this style pre-made, in CSL?
2) Any suggestions on what style might be a good starting point for tweaking to match the "Humane" style?
3) Is anyone willing to head up--or hold my hand--in the making of a new "Humane" style? I don't mind learning CSL, but I'm pretty inexperienced as yet, and the full Chicago style is complex enough to be rather daunting.

In case a new style is needed, here are the two example citations, formatted as best I can. (Note that these are for footnotes--there isn't a full bibliography. Also note that the official style guide doesn't specify what should be done with DOIs.)

J.L. Campbell and O.K. Pedersen, `The Varieties of Capitalism and Hybrid Success', Comparative Political Studies, 40(3), 2007, pp. 307-332.

I. Mares, `Firms and the Welfare State: When, Why, and How Does Social Policy Matter to Employers?', in P.A. Hall and D. Soskice (eds.), Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations of Comparative Advantage (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001), pp. 184-213.

Again and for reference, the journal is Cultural Geographies, (ISSN 1474-4740), and its reference guide--such as it is--is at

Thanks for your help, O Internet hivemind....
  • 1) doesn't exist
    2) I'd start with Journal of Applied Philosophy or Geopolitics. Reasonably close and easier to work with for a beginner than Chicago.
    3) I'm happy to help within reason--i.e. answering questions as you get stuck or can't get something specific done. That does mean this requires a bit of a time investment on your part, of course (but CSL isn't all that complicated).

    In case you haven't seen it, you'll want to have (for the basics) (for Zotero to CSL mappings) and (for full CSL documentation) open.
  • @ursus, have you made any progress on the 'humane' style? I'm also prepping a piece that needs the same formatting and am dreading having to do it manually...
  • Hello! Has anybody found or made a 'Humane' style? I will post a request (I too am prepping sth. for 'Cultural Geographies' journal), but it would be great to hear if anyone else has succeeded.
  • Journal of Law, Culture and Humanties also uses this style - any news on this?
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