Sync Problem

Report ID: 462277224
When I sync Zotero Standalone, I get this error.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that fails?
  • Debug ID is D547933470
  • I'd start by temporarily disabling any security software you have installed, which may be interfering with Zotero's syncing.

    See also File Sync Errors — how much progress is being made each time?
  • (Please don't start new threads for the same issue.)
    I have a serious sync problem. I have bought unlimited space to merge all my library. My computer has 16 GB Ram ans i5. My the Debug ID is D41518077 an report ID is 1296155339. The problem occurs for year. I have written lots of time to here. It does not solve, I will cancel my unlimited account and start to use EndNote. Because Zotere has a serious sync problem and I do not have time to get over this problem. It is waste of time.
    (3)(+0000000): -355 is less than 0 for request 0/D8JJ9AP8

    (3)(+0000000): -355 is less than 0 for request 0/D9R7VHMJ

    (3)(+0000000): -355 is less than 0 for request 0/DBSPNI5E
    S3 returned 0 (2320764_578WA8DB) -- retrying download
    Again, this is likely due to security software on your system. It could also be due to a misbehaving proxy server on your network. You're getting all sorts of bizarre file sync errors that don't happen on normally functioning systems. This isn't a problem within Zotero.
  • Thank you very much.
    I have shut down my antivirus program (Avira) and windows defender. Now I am trying. I will write the result. We have 140 GB files with my friend so we chose Zotero for it. I would like to solve the sync problem. It is very important for our project. I will write further details. Thank you for your interest.
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    Although I shut down all security software on my system, the problem still goes on. How can we solve it? Please help me. What is the problem. I will go crazy..
  • And per File Sync Errors, is it making progress each time, or is it failing immediately at the beginning of syncing?
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    It is starting to sync. Some files are synced. A few time later, it is failing immediately.
  • What stops the sycn? Is it a bizarre file? If so, I can delete the file on web and the error can be fixed?
  • It is starting to sync. Some files are synced. A few time later, it is failing immediately.
    Not sure what you mean. Is it currently failing immediately, or does it always make some progress each time and then fail?
  • After shut down all security software, I open the Debug output logging
    The Debug ID is D347005099.
    Report ID: 955082745
  • It always make some progress each time and then fail.
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    OK, so as explained on File Sync Errors, it's not unexpected to get intermittent file sync errors when syncing a huge number of files (which you are), and if you simply leave auto-sync enabled and work in Zotero normally, it will likely eventually sync everything.
    Unexpected status code 403 [...] in Zotero.Sync.Storage.ZFS.downloadFile()
    This points to a problem downloading files from the Amazon cloud. Debug output is limited in length, so you can try submitting a few Debug IDs through the course of a sync — including some earlier on — to see if it captures more of the relevant errors for us to look at.

    Note that you have the option of using "download-as-needed" mode in the Sync preferences so that you're only downloading files when you try to open them instead of downloading all 140GB of files at once. It seems like the errors you're getting currently are all from downloading. In that mode files will still upload as soon as you add them.
  • Hi,
    I will send you a few Debug IDs to capture the error.
    "download-as-needed" is an efficient solution such a huge library. I have tried it. But there is alsa an important error, too. I have 8 library in my account. When I would like drag and drop a file or a folder from one library to another library, I get the error The attached file could not be found. It may have been moved or deleted outside of Zotero." So I give up this method. I think that I I would like to move some files through the libraries, first I must download all files. I have written the error 2 days ago but no one answer it:
    Please help me.
  • Answered there.
  • Dear Dan,
    The new IDs are bellow:
    Debug ID: D212114621
    Report ID: 751021160
    I hope they will help you to find the error.
  • Dear Dan,
    Is there any progress foe solving the error by using my new Debug and Report ID.
  • (1)(+0000000): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Request has expired</Message><X-Amz-Expires>60</X-Amz-Expires><Expires>2016-05-28T07:26:53Z</Expires><ServerTime>2016-05-28T07:28:49Z</ServerTime>
    This error from Amazon suggests that there's a long delay between when your computer is getting a response from the Zotero servers that tells it to download a file from the Amazon cloud and when it actually performs the download. It should be instantaneous, and as long as it happens within 60 seconds it will work. Any longer — as you can see is the case here — and you'll get an error.

    I can't tell you why that's happening, but it's likely something about your computer or network connection. One thing you can try is opening about:config from the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences, searching for, and setting that value to 2 instead of the default 4. Then sync again and see if that makes a difference.
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