Date numeric OR short depending on whether day is given or not

I'd like to have issued formatted like "Dec 2012" when only month and year are given but like "27.12.2012" when day is given as well. Is this possible? Thanks, Till.
  • Yes, thought so. Hmm. Something to note for future specifications of CSL maybe?
  • Do you have any style guide that actually requires that? Testing for individual date parts (which presumably would be the way to go) is pretty ugly, imo.
  • edited December 18, 2015
    No, I don't. I am still working on my "complete" custom style (supporting all types and all fields specified in CSL 1.0.1). When testing for various cases I came across titles (technical reports, really) that sometimes have only month and year, and sometimes day, month and year. Most German styles format dates like and mm.yyyy is practically unheard of. So I either have to accept the possibility of "ugly" cases with mm.yyyy or I have to code for every date to be displayed like dd MONTH yyyy.
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